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A structured approach to architecture work helps to ensure that non-functional requirements are met and that requirements are met and software remains maintainable in the long term. Architecture work is also important in the agile environment, whereby the way in which architecture work is integrated into the organization is a decisive factor. into the organization is a decisive factor.

See: Software Architektur

Frontend-Entwicklung und Frontend-Architektur

Web technology has developed rapidly over the last 10 years and there are a large number of tools and frameworks that make of tools and frameworks that facilitate the development of web applications in particular. Not only on a purely technical level has a lot changed in recent years, but also in the way we build web applications, how we build web applications. We would be happy to support you in modernizing your web stack!

See: Frontend-Entwicklung und Frontend-Architektur

Cloud Migration

By no means every software system is built from scratch and cloud-ready. Also many existing systems that fulfill important functions should be made fit to benefit from the advantages of modern cloud platforms. cloud platforms.

See: Cloud Migration

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Would your team also like to successfully practice Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment?

See: Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment


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