Agile Transformation

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The Challenge

The digitalization of our economy is leading to rapid changes in many business models and markets. As the speed of change in the environmental factors to which a company must respond increases, the call for flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency becomes greater. For this reason, many organizations are striving for agility in the way they work.

With our experience, we help you design your Agile transformation and make the organization ready for the future challenges. This often means that in addition to methodology and technology, the culture and organizational aspects are affected. We always look at an agile transformation holistically. The most important principle is: start small, expand slowly and improve continuously.

Our Offering

With our experience, we help you to shape your Agile transformation and make the organization fit for the future challenges. future challenges. We always take a holistic view of an agile transformation and and are guided by our Agile Transformation Circle:

The most important principle is: start small, expand slowly and improve continuously. Together we determine the right approach for your organization. Typically, the approach includes the following elements:

Break up & Orientation

It all starts with a joint kickoff of the initiative.

An assessment of the current status, maturity, challenges and potential. From this, areas for action are identified. We examine the areas from the Agile Transformation Circle:

  • Toolset
  • Organisationset
  • Mindset
  • Skillset

In workshops with the management and the implementation/core team, the reason why, the vision, the target image and an initial rough roadmap are developed. Likewise, the framework and targeted focal points are defined in order to determine the common direction. direction.

Raise Awareness & Try

Raise awareness of management and teams. Provide an overview of theory, best practices and principles of Lean and Agile in workshops and trainings and build know-how with trainings (e.g. on Scaled Agile Framework SAFe).

A first package of actions including a proof-of-concept or a pilot project is implemented. In this way, results and initial experience can be obtained quickly. What has proven successful on a small scale can be scaled up and can grow within the organization. Experience has shown that this contributes greatly to the acceptance of of the transformation project. If something does not work, we have learned on a small scale and can quickly change it and try it out again.

Establish & Scale

What has been tried out on a small scale and initial experience gained is now being iterated on a larger scale. Every context and every team is different. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but because of constant pulse checks, we can choose specific interventions from our Transformation Toolbox.

Anchoring & Phase out

A sustainable anchoring of Agile Doing & Agile Being is very important to us. The organization must be able to function without outside help. For this reason, the planned phase-out of our coaches and consultants is part of our transformation approach.

Empowerment, Accompaniment & Communication

Throughout the transformation, constant support, empowerment and regular communication are essential. This is done together with the core team.

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