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Working software within a few weeks

Swiss Made Software After placing the order, we develop a first working version of the required software within a very short time. As a customer, you can decide on the importance of each of the following points. Our work is done when our product meets your expectations. Sometimes, however, the findings from prototype validation alone are enough to make a decision about whether or not to pursue development of the software.

Your challenge

  • Technological change and digitalization
  • Changes in the market environment and trends
  • Increased cost and efficiency pressure

Our steps to the solution

Idea Workshop

We support you in finding ideas
  • Facilitated Creative Workshop
  • Proto-Personas
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Business Canvas development
  • Requirements definition
» Collecting ideas for a new application...


We identify user needs
  • Context Analysis
  • Personas (User Groups)
  • User Interviews
  • Marketing Research
  • Identifying Needs
» Interviews with future users


We design the user interaction
  • Interaction concept
  • Wireframes
  • User flow
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototypes (LoFi, HiFi)
» First drafts for "Kala"


We develop the software iteratively and incrementally with modern approaches
  • Prioritized iterations
  • Modeling and integration into domain and process landscape
  • Ongoing validation with customers (reviews, demos)
  • Quality assurance, consistent testing and ongoing control of technical debt
» Implementation by "Bärnshoring" in our office


We make sure the solution fits into your environment
  • Integration depth according to customer needs and context
  • Fitting into your application, process and system landscape
  • DevOps approaches to ensure operability (testing, interfaces)
  • Integration and system testing according to customer needs
» Ongoing integration and product validation


We put the software into operation
  • Modern, scalable architectures (cloud ready)
  • Support of your internal IT or operationl setup done by our partners (different models possible - from on-premise to private cloud to public cloud services)
  • Assurance of the agreed SLAs
» Check for good performance


We maintain the fitness of your solution
  • Ensuring usability and value retention throughout the lifecycle
  • Further development of the solution
  • Support during decommissioning and replacement
» The story continues even after the release...