Our Passion

The term "avega" originates from Sanskrit, one of the meanings being "passion" – the great motivation for our daily work.Since many years our passion is software development including all its aspects like organisation, project leadership and technology.

Our Vision

"Enabling Your Digital Future" - we enable our customers to deliver their software faster and more effective, thus enabling them to achieve increased market success.

Our Mission

The digital future poses new challenges for companies and their IT departments. Increasingly caught between cost pressure and customer expectations, more innovation, agility and efficiency are asked for. The big challenges are new business models, a transformation of the culture of leadership and faster delivery processes - and we accompany you with that!

Our Competence


Transforming Organisations

Agile Transformation
Organisational Development
Change Management

Ensuring Project Success

Agile Project Management
Program Management
Business Analysis

Leveraging Technology

Architectural Conception
Technology Strategies
Development Methodology

Our Services



Comparable, repeatable and measurable audits, neutral and independent assessment by avega offering an external view backed by our expertise


Accompany organisations and people build up specific Know-How and increase their competency


Taking over specific tasks or roles during a defined period

Focus Topics


We enable the optimization of development, delivery and operation of your software by supporting your transition to a DevOps culture. To achieve success, we take a holistic approach and address organisation and culture as well as projects, processes, automation and architecture.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

You’re looking to prioritize and work in an agile way across multiple teams or the whole organisation using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)? We support you with consulting and training based on our experience and the framework, which structures alignment, collaboration and execution for multiple agile Teams.

Agile Transformation

Your business relies on software? Software defines your unique selling point or forms a mayor part of it? You would like to be able to stay ahead of the market by being able to prioritise quickly and timely without loosing quality and budget out of sight? With our experience, we’ll help to make your organisation more agile and introduce agile practices at all levels.

The Team

Daniel Aeschbacher

Partner, CEO

Technology, software and implementing digital strategies are my passion. Since many years, I am engaged with agile topics, development methodology and organisational development.

Long-term experience in management, leadership, change management, organisational development and coaching agile teams and organisations.

  • Organization Development, Agile Organizations
  • Sourcing and Provider Management
  • Agile Development (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Software-Engineering, -Design, -Architecture
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Project Management (classic, agil, hybrid)

Paul Neuhaus

Partner, Senior Consultant

Successfully delivering IT projects backed by 25 years of experience. And still with a lot of passion for innovative projects using classical, agile or hybrid methodology

Long-term experience in project management, leading complex software development projects including off-shoring, IT consulting, business analysis and requirements engineering.

  • Project Management (classic, agil, hybrid)
  • Risk-, Quality Management
  • Coaching Project Sponsors
  • Agile Methodology (Scrum, SAFe)
  • Purchasing
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering

Matthias Fritschi

Partner, Senior IT Architect

My passion is the design and delivery of sound technical solutions. Besides modern architecture and engineering, my focus is also on methodology and the generated business value.

Many years of experience in designing and implementing software and solution architectures, leading complex software projects and automating test and delivery processes.

  • Software Architecture
  • Multi-/Cross-Channel Architecture
  • Agile Development (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Testautomation
  • Cloud Strategy
  • DevOps & Infrastructure Automation

Daniel Kühni

Senior Consultant (ab April 2018)

Implementing simple, effective solutions in complex environments inspires me. I like to connect business and IT, development and operations and supporting teams to realize their full potential.

Many years of experience in management, personnel and technical leadership, design and implementation of software systems in complex environments, as well as introduction of agile methodology and coaching of teams.

  • Software Architecture
  • Agile Development (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Project Management (classic, agile, hybrid)
  • Business Owner / Product Owner

Patricia Moresi

Office Assistant

As a service- and customer-oriented personality, I passionately support the team in all administrative matters.

Many years of experience as a management assistent in IT and telecommunications.


Enabling Your Digital Future - following this vision, we had the privilege to consult and support our customers, including

DevOps Transformation
DevOps & Test-Automation
Agile Release-Management with SAFe
Agile Transformation & Enabling DevOps
Project Lead
IT Architecture, Infrastructure-as-Code, SAFE Training, Sourcing Strategy, Coaching, ...


We're a Startup in Berne, passionately supporting companies with their Software Engineering, Agile Transformation and Digitalization efforts. Our ambition is to provide a lot of added value, bring our customers forward and make them ready for the digital future. To achieve that, we strive to continuously develop, adapt and optimize. We're looking for someone who is motivated to live and shape our values. Sounds like you? We're looking forward to get to know you!


You consult our customers in IT architecture, software engineering as well as concerning the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies

Agile Consultant

You're an enabler for our customer's agile transformation and for topics concerning software engineering methodology

DevOps Consultant

You're an enabler for our customer's journey towards DevOps in their organisation and teams

CI/CD & Automation Engineer

You're an enabler for the introduction and optimization of Continuous Integration/Delivery and for topics centered on automation and DevOps

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